WoolWork is the new name for KnitBritish Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of local wool, from sheep to skein, to finished object. You can visit woolwork.net and follow me on twitter and IG @_woolwork

Episode... what is it now? One hundred and twenty-burble-burble-burble (127)


Shownotes: www.woolwork.net/ep127 - I'm talking about all the 'I haven't done that for a while' things which caused me some anxiety & soul-searching. I tell you about awesome new book Perspectives. There is finally Zwarbtles wool exploration too.

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episode 126 On Drafts & Draughts


Blimey, this is something resembling a podcast! The urge came upon me to record today, poor recording set up et al! Today I'm talking about drafts and notes and your suggestions of wool for the bedroom. Full notes are at https://wp.me/s303nu-ep126

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