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Wool Exploration: A Guide


This is a special episode of the podcast to reintroduce Wool Exploration and how you can participate. 

There is a post at KnitBritish.net which accompanies this episode

In a tiny wool nutshell, we look at sheep breeds in yarn form by swatching and we all follow the same fieldwork notes to create a joint learning experience. The results of this I collate for the podcast so that others can learn about breed wool from our exploration.

In 2019,  we are looking at Shetland, Cheviot, Wensleydale, Castlemilk Moorit, Norfolk Horn and the Welsh Mountain Breed Group

Links are to the chat threads in the KnitBritish Ravelry group, which are all open - so there's nothing stopping you from getting going now or just jump there there and start chatting about the breeds!


Wool Exploration in 2018 has been an utter blast and I am so happy we will be continuing into the new year with 5 breeds and a whole breed group!


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