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Episode112 - What's the name of that yarn, Louise?



Full shownotes are at KnitBritish, do take some time to visit there and find images and links mentioned. 

There is very little mention of the word Christmas around here, but you can consider this episode a bumper edition as there is a lot to get through, including

A chat with ramsaybaggins about our love of swatching

Manx Loaghtan Wool Exploration and the breeds for 2019 (still time to swatch (or re-test any older swatches) for the Shetland Wool Exploration

Cochno Wool from Glasgow University, a Scotch Mule Texel yarn

Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting from Anna Maltz

Also mentioned: I talk about hanging up some hats! KB is nominated in the KnitNow awards. And there is mention of the Small Gestures Swap too. 

Of course, the only thing that makes the festive bearable (along with the small gestures swap) is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Rough Fells. That plays the episode out.

A big bumper episode to hunker down with, (if like me you like to do that at this time of year) or listen in bursts over your festive break!

It will be out tonight (at some point!)

Happy listening!







Marked as Explicit as there is a swear at the very end (after the end credits)

Music this episode is Doctor Turtle – Doctor Talos Opens the Door and  David Mumford – Singin in The Rain These are available via freemusicarchive and shared via CC-BY.  The Dance of the Sugar Plum Rough Fells is a maaaa-sh up using a recording of Rough Fells by Dr Felicity Ford (with her kind permission) and The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Kevin McCloud, FreeMusicArchive






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