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Episode 89 - Part Two - Uist Wool


This is a special episode of the KnitBritish podast where I visit Uist Wool. 

You will find these on iTunes/Podcatchers as two sepeate parts - Episode 89 Part One and Part Two. Both are available to listen to now. 

In Part Two we meet Hazel Smith, who is manager at Uist Wool. She takes us through process that wool takes around the mill. We start in the wool shed and then go into the wash house and meet Fiona. Then we go into the mill and chat with Maddie, mill technician. THEN we go into the shop and see all of those incredible yarns. 

Please visit www.knitbritish.net to see the full shownotes, with links, images and further information.  I'd love it if you could visit me there!

Please be aware that we are recording in a working mill - there are background sounds and machinery, etc - please adjust your volume as necessary.

Thank you so much to Dana, Hazel, and all the staff at Uist Wool for making a memorable trip and for taking the time to show me around. 




Music used in these episodes is by Doctor Turtle on Free Music Archive, shared via Creative Commons.



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