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episode 80 Why don’t you? Couldn’t you just…? You should…!


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This week I am looking forward to the Year of Techniques from Arnall-Culliford Knitwear and I introduce you to our first KnitBritish Woolly Mucker, Christine Perry. AKA WinwickMum, you may already know Chrstine from her blog or social media, or from Raverly. Christine joins me for a quick chat in which she reveals the firt big project she remembers casting off and how that springboarded her knitting life!

I also talk about managing expectations (and not just mine) after a big event like EYF and with regard to future plans.


Grab a WIP, grab a drink and settle in to KB for a while.






Music: Carefree by Kevin McLeod and Singin’ in The Rain (demo) by David Mumford – Both are on FreeMusicArchive and are both shared under Creative Commons Attribution license.



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