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episode 63 - a little bit of balance


Full shownotes with images and links can be found at KnitBritish.

Lots of things at the moment feel up in the air, and unsettled. The world at large is pretty skewed. So here I propose a little corner of balance - get a bit meditative knitting done and listen in. There are haps; there is a meaningfull knit story from Joanna Mouatt; there is a tale of the WIPs of Dooom from Felix Ford and there is ripping!

I talk about the BookofHapsalong, over in the KnitBritish rav group and also my trip to Shetland Wool Week this year, which will have a very hap-centric theme!

I also announce the Big WIP Rip, happeningĀ on 3rd September - something Leona, from Fluph, and I have cooked up to help you rip out those unloved, unfinished knits and Free your Yarn! Read the shownotes for more details and watch out for more news on this soon!



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