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episode 44 STOP PRESS: Edin


There is some exciting news about the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. The list of classes has just been released and you can hear all about it here.


I spoke to Jo and Mica who were only too happy to give you their own preview of classes and tutors. The list is really exciting with popular classes from last year and a whole host of amazing new techniques and skills to learn, from tutors such as Woolly WormheadGudrun Johnston, Bristol Ivy, Asa TricosaMelanie Berg, Karie Westermann….AND SO MANY MORE!  

Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, 31st October at 2pm (GMT)

For the full list go to edinyarnfest.com and get talking in the Edinburgh Yarn Festival ravelry group. Don’t forget to also sign up for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival newsletter so that you can get updates straight to your.


Next week I am back in the usual slot with some HEAVY enabling! See you then! 




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