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episode 20 and the podiversary


It's the 1st Podiversary! Join in, but keep the twiglets away from me!


Since last we met there have been lots of planning and scheduling for KnitBritish and also Podcast Lounge. Also there has been some planning with Jo [from Shinybees.com] for a future collaboration!




I read out some of the entries for the Podiversary Prize and lots of your lovely messages about KnitBritish. Arising from that I mention the importance of knitting local, if British wool isn't available in your neck of the woods. There is a lot of love for Blacker Yarns in this section with lots of you wanting to discover more breeds. I point sock knitters in the direction of Clare Devine's interview with Sue Blacker about nylon-less UK sock wools, which Clare did for Wovember 2014 [http://tinyurl.com/o76aqbz]





Yarn Review of Coach House Yarns Corridale Swiss Army Base in Steel. Listen in for the full review of how this velvety, vintage-feeling varn, with bounce & elasticity got me hook, line and sinker! etsy.com/shop/CoachHouseYarns



Have you heard about The Golden Skein's Project365 #FreeYourSkeins2015? Daily pattern inspiration to help your precious yarns live up to their full potential!




Winner of the Podiversary prize is drawn live and it is PinkPeking! Congrats to her.




Hello to the New Kids in the Ravelry group and all my undending thanks for this first podcasting year. It's down to the motivation from your feedback that keeps me doing it!



Back at the end of the month with more woolly notions and good fun!




Take good care!


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