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episode 13 IS lucky for some


			 episode 13 IS lucky for some

Full show notes, links and picsĀ will be on the blog later on,at KnitBritish.net


  • Shetland Wool Week - Hap making with Gudrun Johnson and Quotidian colourwork with Felix Ford
  • The amazing Edinburgh Yarn Festival tutor and class list. On sale now!
  • #WIPCrackAway or lack thereof. Casting on Antarktis by Janina Kallio
  • I'm going to PodRetreat in Feb 2015
  • Winners of the Next Year in Lerwick patterns and my Jamiesons goody bag
Sound this episode are Seagulls in Lerwick; the wind (earlier this week, howling in the library; the loom at Jamiesons of Shetland in action and sheep!




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